Molded-In Gaskets are
Always in the Correct Place

When a gasket is performing as it is supposed to, you probably don’t even know it’s there but when it fails it could mean catastrophe.  In order to do its job, a gasket must first be in the correct place.  In order to perform throughout the lifetime of the product, the gasket must also withstand the pressures of its environment.

Gasket geometry and the choice of materials work together to achieve an optimum compression set seal design. A wide variety of TPV, TPU and TPE Elastomers are available to give optimum seal results. Additionally, eliminating a secondary operation by chemically bonding a gasket and fitting in one manufacturing process has the potential to reduce costs because of streamlined and more consistent production.

Collaborate with Rolco engineers early in the design phase of your project to leverage our expertise in multishot technology. Then as your component goes into production, we'll back up your success by becoming a strong link in your supply chain.

Read a case study about a component that includes molded-in gaskets.

Please contact us to talk about your potential multishot project.

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