Case Study: Four Features in Seven Places Made
Possible with Rotary Index Plate Molding

REQUEST: A manufacturer of water analysis equipment had an idea for an enclosure door that would give their new product a soft touch styling and create functional features and seals. To achieve this, the door would have to be overmolded in more than one place. They had utilized overmolding technology previously but were unsure if their design was possible with the rotary platen multishot process with which they were familiar.

WHAT WE DID: Rolco presented technical information about overmolding and multishot injection molding with a Rotary Index Plate mechanism. Subsequently, the OEM product designers found the approach they needed to allow them to get all of the functional features required. Collaboration with Rolco engineers helped to refine the design and select suitable materials for the substrate and second shot elastomer so that the enclosure door could be manufactured with multishot technology.

RESULT: Multishot technology allows the enclosure door to have four different performance features in seven different places on both sides of the part. An integrated gasket provides a watertight seal between the enclosure door and the finished product's aluminum housing. Time is saved by the multishot process repeatedly creating a quality gasket feature, eliminating an assembly operation and the possibility of faulty installation. A second feature holds an LCD display in an elastomer frame creating a cushioned mounting. Third, a gasket protects an SD memory card port. For the final feature,, the door to the port is connected with two flexible hinges while soft touch surfaces in two places provide grip surfaces. When fully assembled, the device is NEMA 4 rated for water tightness. Download a pdf version of this case study.

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