In-Mold Labeling for
Durable Graphics and Effects

In-Mold Labeling (IML) is the process of labeling or decorating a plastic object while it is being molded.  The resulting part has permanent graphics with superior durability.  Utilizing IML instead of pad printing, or labeling with pressure sensitive or heat transfer methods, can also reduce manufacturing costs for a product because secondary operations with all their labor, equipment and supplies are eliminated. 

IML, sometimes known as In-Mold Decorating (IMD), can increase the decorating options for your product because of the high graphic quality that can be attained, the opportunity to use multiple colors; and the possibility of using photos and effects to simulate more expensive materials like metal.  Use IML when your product needs to have:

  • Permanent brand identity
  • Multiple color graphics
  • Multiple styles of graphics for one product
  • Simulate metal
  • User instructions
  • Warning message

More about IML  from the In-Mold Decorating Association

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