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New video on YouTube illustrating

the multishot injection molding process

Kasota, MN (February 16, 2010) -- Do you have two minutes?  If you do then you have time to check out the new Rolco Inc. video on YouTube that illustrates the multishot injection molding process.  You can view the video directly from our web site at:


What is the multishot process?

Multishot injection molding is the process of bonding two different materials into one integrated part in one manufacturing process.
How does this process work?
Multishot injection molding machines have two independent barrels that have their own set of inputs.  In the machine is a rotary platen mold.  This type of mold has two sets of cavities that rotate and fill in sequence with two unique resins.
During every molding cycle, one set of cavities are injected with the first shot of material to form the substrate of the part, while the other set of cavities receives the second material, or second shot, over the substrate.
Between cycles, the mold opens and rotates holding the set of first shot parts during rotation so that they are positioned accurately for the second shot.  Before the mold closes, the completed parts are removed.  The now empty cavities are ready for the next molding cycle.
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