Rotary Index Plate Injection Molding

The type of mechanism used for rotation with Multishot Injection Molding has great implications for the design features of the finished part.

In both Rotary Index Plate and Rotary Platen Multishot Molding, the mold contains the cores and cavities for both the first and second shot materials that make up the finished part.

With Rotary Platen Molding, the first shot (or substrate) has a limited area on which to mold the second shot because of the way the part is held in rotation between cycles. See video illustration of this process.

With Rotary Index Plate Multishot Molding, the second shot material can be placed on both the front and the back of the substrate. This is achieved by a center "floating" plate that holds the substrate and rotates the part to a new set of cores and cavities that are on both sides of the plate.

The unique advantage to this molding technique is that functional features can be added without adding secondary operations and all of the advantages of Rotary Platen Multishot Molding are also realized.

See our Case Study that describes how Rolco helped a customer achieve their design goals with Rotary Index Plate Multishot Molding.

Read our White Paper (pdf) to learn more about the differences between Rotary Platen and Rotary Index Plate Injection Molding.

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